ACC 308 Final Project Scenario Overview: You just began a position as a financial accountant at P… 1 answer below »

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ACC 308 Final Project Scenario

Overview: You just began a position as a financial accountant at Peyton Approved. In this role, your first task is to prepare the company’s financials for the year-end audit. Additionally, the company is interested in expanding its business within the next year. They would like your support in assessing their ability to meet their goals.

Refer to the data below and use the Final Project Workbook that includes the income statement, balance sheet, retained earnings statement and cash flow statement to complete the final project and associated milestones.

Peyton Approved Financial Data: Preliminary Financial Statements have already been prepared (2017 statements in the Final Project Workbook). Final adjusting entries have not yet been made. See table for possible adjustments that indicate what will be recorded at 12/31/17 (fiscal year end). Use the following to complete year-to-year documentation and notes for managing depreciation, inventory, and long-term debt.

On 12/03/2017, a mixer with a cost of $2,000, accumulated depreciation $1,200, was destroyed by a forklift. As of 12/23/17, insurance company has agreed to pay $700 in January, 2018, for accidental destruction.

Note about later borrowing – financials will show loan from parents repaid and use of bank financing.

For notes to the financial statements and Management Analysis Memo, consider the following:

Peyton Approved uses the following accounting practices:

Inventory: Periodic, LIFO for both baking and merchandise

Baking supplies: $27,850 ending inventory

Equipment: Straight line method used for equipment

Business Financing Information: Use this information to calculate interest rates and insurance information, and to assess their impact on the company’s financial obligations:

6% interest note payable was made on Jan 31, 2017, and is due Feb 1, 2019.

5-year loan was made on June 1, 2016. Terms are 7.5% annual rate, interest only until due date.

Insurance: Annual policy covers 12 months, purchased in February, covering March 2017 to February 2018. No monthly adjustments have been made.

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