You will be provided emailed a link to a Google Doc for your enrolled tutorial….

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Task overview This individual assignment will require you to choose an Australian publicly listed company from a provided list and then to undertake an analysis of the company’s accounting as well as making investment recommendations based on both information provided by the company as well as more broadly available in the market. This assessment is worth 30% of the marks of the subject, and is marked out of 100. Company selection You will be provided emailed a link to a Google Doc for your enrolled tutorial. There will be 5 companies to choose from. There will be a limit of 8 students per company. Once 8 students have chosen a particular company that company will no longer be offered. Please note that it will first in best dressed. Requirements For your chosen company, please complete the following tasks. Unless stated otherwise, please use the most recent annual report available. Company background (5 marks) Provide a brief background of the company (i.e. the industry it operates in, its business model). Accounting disclosures (20 marks) • Have there been any significant changes to accounting policies? If so, provide details of which policies have changed, and the impact (if any) on the statement of financial position (as at the reporting date) or the statement of financial performance (for the current financial year). If no impact, please indicate that. (10 marks) • Identify the reportable operating segments. Provide details on the size and profitability of the operating segments. (5 marks) • For the last 5 years, provide details of the net profit for the company, as well as income tax paid. (5 marks)


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