ESSAY ON SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT There are challenges associated with managing a supply chain in the

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There are challenges associated with managing a supply chain in the global economy such as

(A) managing disruptions (e.g. the effect of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan in 2011 on global electronics and auto manufacturer was significant1 ),

(B) the pressure to increase corporate responsibility and sustainability by eliminating child labor, investing in green operations, designing environmental-friendly products, creating better work environments for workers, and ensuring all supply chain partners and suppliers conform to company’s own code of ethics and quality standards (e.g. several workers committed suicide at Foxconn, one of the largest suppliers to Apple2 ), and

(C) dealing with fakes and counterfeits, (e.g. a fake Apple store was opened in China3 ; counterfeit products find their way in to the global market4 ).

The goal for this homework is to understand the risks faced by supply chains and to describe what companies are doing to manage the risks posed by disruptions, to increase corporate responsibility across the supply chain, or to deal with counterfeits. To complete the homework, do research on only one of (A), (B), or (C) above. Specifically,

1. Choose an industry and a company within that industry from the following list:

a. consumer electronics (including products by Apple, Samsung, HP),

b. automobiles (including Toyota, Ford),

c. consumer products (including IKEA, Walmart),

d. pharmaceuticals (including Pfizer, Merck),

e. apparel (including Gucci, Zara, H&M), and

f. shoes (including Nike, Jimmy Choo).

2. Find references (articles, websites, videos, …) on one of the challenges (A), (B), or (C). Make sure these sources are publicly accessible and the information provided is correct. Do NOT use references or sources that were published prior to 2011. 1

3. Answer the following questions based on your research:

a. (8 points) Which company is your research focused on?

b. (8 points) Which supply chain challenge is your research focused on?

 c. (16 points) Why is it difficult for the company to overcome this challenge? Explain clearly.

d. (16 points) What has the company done in the past 5 years to overcome this challenge?

 e. (16 points) Do you think the company’s efforts are sufficient to overcome this challenge? Explain clearly why or why not. If the efforts are not sufficient, what else can be done?

f. (16 points) What was the most interesting information you found in your research?


· This is an individual assignment. You are not allowed to collaborate with other students.

 · Recommended length for the essay is 500 words, excluding references.

· List the title, author, and source of your references at the end of your essay.

· Provide URLs of your references as footnotes in the main text of your essay.

· Submit an electronic copy (in pdf format) to Blackboard.

· You should proofread and polish your writing before submitting it.


10 points

Quality of writing and meeting the guidelines (Your essay reads well and is free of grammatical errors and typos. All references are included.)

10 points

Originality of content and research (Your essay should be free of plagiarism and should reflect your own analysis and opinions.)

80 points


Quality of answers to each question NOTE: Late submission will result in reduced credit (20% points is lost per day).

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