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1. In at least 200 words, discuss the key features of a sound weight management 

program . 

2. You have been invited to a public forum on weight management. You are assigned to review a dietary regimen. 

1. Choose a diet below. Review its guiding principles and compose at least 2 arguments addressing why your diet is superior to the other diets. Support your arguments with research data or factual information. Your argument must address the strengths, effectiveness, and safety of your chosen diet. Consider the criteria for/key features of a sound weight loss program. 

i) Calorie-restricted diet, low fat diet 

Examples: Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or Volumetrics 

ii) High Protein Diet/ low-carbohydrate diet 

Examples: Dr. Atkin’s diet, South Beach, Zone Diet iii) Meal Replacement Diet – Slimfast, Nutrisystem 

2. Be ready to present a brief summary in class. 

3. Cite your references. 

q Alternative Assignment (for exercise) – 6 points 

  1. In at least 150-200 words, discuss      the key principles behind a 

sound fitness program. 

  1. Exercise Regimen Review. Consider      the dimensions of physical fitness & principles behind a sound fitness      program: 

a. b. 

Review an exercise program. Provide a brief summary of its key features. 

What makes it effective or ineffective? If it is ineffective, what changes would you recommend to increase its effectiveness? Incorporate pertinent principles that you’ve learned from your readings. 

c. what saftey precautions would you recommended for a friends who wants to engage in regular fitness program
d. Cite your reference(s).

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