Hcs 433 dimensions of health and the older adult

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HCS/433 Dimensions Of Health And The Older Adult


HCS 433 Week 1 Perspective of Aging Paper

Write a 700- to 1,050-word APA-formatted paper on your findings. Look for stereotypes in the media and how the older adult is being portrayed. Be prepared to discuss this in class. If possible, bring the media to class with you.


HCS/433 Week 2, Health Promotion Project Outline

Include the following elements in your outline:

a) Possible health promotion idea

b) Demographics of clientele

c) Overview of chronic health issue, including prevalence and effect on client


HCS 433 Week 3, Functionality Paper

Often, a loss of function will begin a so-called downward spiral in the life of an elderly person, affecting his or her independence and quality of life.

 Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word APA-formatted paper that addresses the significance and validity of the above statement. Include how the specific loss of function might affect one or more activities of daily living.

 Use a minimum of three references to support your paper.

 Refer tothe Functionality Paper located on the student Web site for more information.


HCS 433 Week 4, Services Presentation

There are many services available for older adults related to psychosocial, cognitive, and emotional issues.

Identify services available in a facility of your choice, based on where you would like to work in the health care field. Address any one of the following issues:

 o    Psychosocial

o    Cognitive

o    Emotional

Describe what you would recommend to fill the gap in serviceif the facility does not have a program that relates to one of the areas above.

Prepare an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes addressing services in your area.


HCS 433 Week 5, Health Care Promo Project Presentation


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