HCA 407 Stratford University Health Policy Non-Profit Health Clinic Essay

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final Project:

You are part of a team of like-mined healthcare professionals who wants to develop a non-profit Health Clinic located in a disadvantaged and crime-prone part of Miami, Florida. Before the Clinic starts operating you will need to develop a comprehensive health care policy that fully describes the Clinic’s operation, goals, limitations, access to care, quality of care, financing and delivery of care, and provide evidence that the policies meet federal, state, and local policies.

The document you are being asked to produce is both complex and thorough. It covers a wide array of concepts, tools and techniques of health policy, formulation, process and implementation.

For this project you will create the following two deliverables:

Health Policy: This is an approximately 20 page document were you describe in detail all elements of the policy that governs the operation of this new health clinic and insures safety and quality of care. As you formulate the policy be sure to keep in mind the patient population that you will most likely encounter: culturally diverse, majority either on Medicare or Medicaid, or homeless without insurance, and exposed to the ills of a crime-prone urban settings. In addition, there is a scarcity of qualified upper level medical personnel who are interested in working in this area. Security, both physical and digital, is a major issue. Lastly, remember that this Clinic is a non-profit entity.

The document should include:

Mission, Vision, Goals

Board of Directors

Financial policies

Operational policies

Safety and Quality care policies

Care of vulnerable populations policies

Staffing policies

Ethical behavior policies

And alignment of policies with local, state, and federal government policies

Presentation: You will be presenting the Clinic Healthcare Policy directives to the County Board of Directors for permission for the clinic and, as such, all data as well as resources used must to be appropriately referenced. The presentation should be no more than 15 minutes and be clear, concise, informative, and engaging. Use digital media but do not confine yourself to powerpoint.


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