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Answer the question set you choose in an informal, typed, double-spaced essay of about 2-3 pages (500-750 words).

After you read the documents

MWH, Sources 4, 5, & 6 [pp 58, 66, & 69]
Harrison, “On the Degrees of People…” and “Sundry …Punishment” (1577)

choose two of the four to answer the following question set: Who are the authors of the documents (beyond the obvious, like Harrison)? Using the clues from within the text–the subject matter, the author’s claims, their perspectives, the genre of the document, the intended audience–what type of persons were these? Figure out everything you can about them from what they have written: their sex, occupation, social standing, and anything else. Explain why you know what you know about the writers by using direct quotes from the documents as evidence for your arguments.

the links is in the name of the books

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