Ha560 unit 5 discussion

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In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to felita and Marivette

Felita Daniel

Job Descriptions

Supervisor in Health Promotion (BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee)

The potential candidate must be a team player with a minimum of 2 years of experience in leadership or management. Additional qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  1. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  2. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  3. Independent worker who requires minimal oversight/supervision
  4. Proficient computer skills
  5. Be capable of handling multiple projects

Healthcare Administration Adjunct Instructor (Part-time) – Stevens-Henager College

The potential candidate must have a bachelor’s degree and know all theories and practical application of course material.

Must have good communication skills i.e., written, oral, and media. Additional qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  1. Team oriented
  2. Independent worker who requires minimal oversight/supervision
  3. Conduct classes according to syllabus and lesson plans
  4. Prepare grade assignments, quizzes, and tests
  5. Develop reports

What have I learned from your classes to prepare you to work for these employers?

I have learned various leadership/management theories and how to apply them appropriately to everyday staffing scenarios to develop and maintain an efficient team, fair, respectful workplace environment, and work with upper management to achieve strategic organizational goals efficiently and effectively. I have learned that there are many personalities and how each persona can contribute (with their unique qualities) to achieve set organizational goals and objectives.

How will you communicate that you have mastered these skills?

I must present myself with confidence to others. Demonstrating a positive, professional presence will communicate (non-verbally) that I am confident and knowledgeable. Becoming a subject matter expert is not only using terminology or expressing what I have learned but putting my new skills and knowledge into action.

When given the opportunity, I will demonstrate my abilities through masterful, reliable work performance, and with my master’s degree in hand.

Degree Plan

What specific courses and assignments have you completed where you gained professional experience?

I feel that all courses have allowed me to gain proficient knowledge to support me in advancing my career and implementing my professional goals. I am especially interested in a future role in management or leadership. With that said, Leadership in Healthcare (HA515) and Human Resources for Healthcare Managers (HA530) courses provided me with vital concepts necessary to be successful in a management role.

Have you created professional presentations (such as your healthcare marketing plan in HA575) or used research methods (such as your examination of quantitative and qualitative research in HA535)?

I have had the opportunity to create professional presentations in my position as an auditor for a Managed Care Organization. I currently work in the Process Improvement Department (PI) for a Managed Care Organization and conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses.

How can you communicate the mastery of these proficiencies?

Through hard work, dedication, and implementing the invaluable skills such as human resource, management, and leadership concepts in my current and future role as a healthcare professional.

Career Network profile

How many points have I earned so far? 95

What self-evaluation tasks have you completed?

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Predictive Index

How can you increase your professional presence (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, publications, cover letters, etc.)?  I currently have profiles on Indeed and LinkedIn.  I do need to update my cover letter. 


Employers are looking for leadership roles and administrations roles with required amount of experiences with a minimum of 2 years of administrative/leadership experience. Throughout completing my masters degree programs and completing all the courses, I have learned a lot about leadership skills and tools and the healthcare laws. I have also learned ways to communicate rationally and ethically to respond to the patients needs. The way in which I can communicate that I have mastered these skills is by following the tools I have heard and guidelines, being transparent and communicating as well as adapting to various environments to meed the needs of the employer. 

There have been various courses and assignments where I have completed and gained professional experience. For me it is hard to say which classes, since there were so many that had my interest and motivation to learn to gain professional experience. I did not really have any of that prior to this degree. Besides creating professional presentation in my degree career path, I have not created professional presentations outside of School. I would love the opportunity to create presentations outside of school, but the opportunity has not come up yet. I can communicate these skills of mastery of these proficiencies with professionalism and the appropriate knowledge needed according to topic.

I have earned a total of 95 points so far. I have completed a total of two evaluation tasks, such as traitify and predictive index. The type of tasks that I plan to complete are the cover letter for my resume and a CV for my pharmacy profession. I can increase my professional presence by creating a Linkedin account and publishing research/professional articles in journals. 



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