Grossmont College History of Science 20th Century Timeline Essay

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Create a timeline with some of the most important events in the history of Science during the FIRST HALF of 20th Century (1901-1950).

Timelines usually consist of major or important events that occurred during a specific period of time. So, for your timeline:

  1. The period of time-compressed between 1901-1950.
  2. Pick 10 important events in Science that have occurred in this period of time. Your timeline can as general as you want or it can have a theme, like: Advances in Biology, Physics, Technological advances, etc…
  3. For each of the events add: Date, Event, short description, names (if appropriate), photo that represents the event.

Your assignments should include the following:

  1. Timeline with
    • 10 Dates of events in chronological order. (If your timeline covers different time frame, I will not grade it and you will get a 0)
    • A brief description of each event.
    • A picture of each event.
    • The best idea it to chose a one technology and follow its development

The timeline can be either vertical or horizontal.

To create a timeline in word follow these instructions: (Links to an external site.)

Or in powerpoint: (Links to an external site.)

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