Grantham University Science Presentation

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Virtual Geology Gallery

Take us on a virtual gallery of the earth. A gallery usually consists of images and explanations of those images. After reviewing Chapter 21 & 22 in your textbook, select a topic about which to create a virtual gallery. Examples include, a tour of the earth’s interior, continental drift & seafloor spreading, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountain formation, rocks, or minerals. Choose a topic and explain the process in detail.

Using PowerPoint, create your virtual gallery including all of the following:

A title slide with your topic(s) and name.

At least 5 slides about your topic.

Each slide should contain an image and title or bullet points of information. Make sure to credit your images.

In addition for each slide, using the Speaker’s Notes area, include a paragraph about the process displayed on the slide.

Make sure you paraphrase (do not quote) and cite your information to display your understanding.

Include a slide of references.

You should have a minimum of seven total slides in your gallery. Upload your virtual gallery as a PowerPoint presentation within the assignment area.

Please use this template for your presentation.

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