Grand Canyon University Social Science Discussion

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Assignment: Managing Workplace Conflicts

Unfortunately, workplace conflicts are present in most professional environments. From the office mate who lacks respect for your personal property to the boss who makes harsh demands without giving due credit, nearly everyone can share a story about situations or individuals that have contributed to stress and contention in the office. Take a moment to reflect on your own workplace as well as other places you might have been employed. What kinds of conflicts occur there and how difficult is it to identify the causes of these conflicts?

Review the “Workplace Conflict” report and create a plan of action that addresses how to become a more effective leader or manager when resolving conflict. Be specific in your details and include both the action to be taken and the desired result.

To prepare for this Assignment, pay particular attention to the following Learning Resources:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

CPP Inc. (2008). The CPP global human capital report: Workplace conflict and how businesses can harness it to thrive. Retrieved from

To complete your Assignment, create a plan of action that builds upon the conflict situation that you described in this week’s Discussion. Please address the following:

Create an I-Statement to help you manage the conflict you discussed this week. Your I-Statement should addresses the four elements of conflict – feeling, problem, consequence, and goal.

  • Using the Realizing Positive Outcomes section of the CPP report, discuss the best tips to help you manage this conflict.

Apply the Dynamics of Trust model, to this conflict, to help you build trust.

  • Explain how monetary costs affect the decision to engage in this conflict.

Discuss the role employees, managers, and leaders play in this conflict. From your perspective, is this conflict shared with employees or as manager/leader, should you play a more prominent role?

Finalize your plan by outlining your next steps in the conflict situation you have discussed.

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