geology 101 concept sketch

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Your assignment should be completed one side of an 8½ ” x 11” sheet of paper.

Concept Sketch #1 Questions. Choose 1 option from the list below.

  • Sketch and explain some ways that earth processes control where it is safe to live and other influences on our lives (1.1).
  • 2. Sketch, label, and describe the three types of diagrams earth scientists use to represent subsurface geology (block diagram, cross section, stratigraphic section). Also, sketch, label, and describe what is shown by a series of evolutionary diagrams (1.8C).
  • 3. Sketch, label, and explain a silicon-oxygen tetrahedron and then sketch, label, and explain how one tetrahedron can join with another (2.7A). In addition, sketch and explain how silicon-oxygen tetrahedra are combined in different geometries for (1) an independent tetrahedra, (2) single chains, and (3) sheets (2.7B).
  • 4. Sketch and explain the model for an atom, including electron shells and how the number of electrons in shells influence the loaning and transfer of electrons between atoms. (2.10B)
  • 5. Sketch, label, and explain the rock cycle. Your sketch should contain descriptions of all eight key processes. In addition, use sentences (no sketch) to describe why a rock might not experience the entire rock cycle (3.2).
  • 6. Draw simple sketches of the main types of clastic sedimentary rocks and explain the characteristics of each. (3.7)
  • 7. Sketch and describe how sediments are classified according to size, sorting, and shape of the clasts (3.6).
  • 8. Sketch and label an igneous system, showing where and describing how the nine main igneous textures form (3.9B).

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