GCU Pre K Building Communication Paper

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Chapter 14 Scenario: Pre-K Building Communication with Families CDescription Assignment:

To create a student information intake form to help new children transition from home to preschool smoothly.

You are an early childhood education teacher in a preschool that is just starting to become inclusive. You read Frederick’s IEP and thought you were prepared for his first week. Frederick, who has attention deficit disorder (ADD), had a difficult time separating from his parents, but once you realized that his favorite activity was bubbles, you made sure to have them ready each morning to ease the separation. If you had known this four days ago, you think this difficulty could have been avoided. You director suggested that you create an intake form to gather helpful information that is not necessarily on an IFSP/IEP to make the transition to preschool smoother. You both realize that this form could actually help all children, not just the children with disabilities.

During Frederick’s second week, you discovered that he was afraid of ants, when he saw them and unexpectedly started screaming. When you called his mom, she apologized profusely for not telling you that he had a bad experience with ants a year ago. Based on her suggestion, you gave Frederick his naptime blanket and he immediately calmed down. You decide to add a section on the intake form about behavior and calming strategies that work at home.

Your coworker, who has the toddler classroom next door, loved your intake idea. She explained that it would have been extremely helpful when Susie started her classroom. Susie, a child without disabilities, used many confusing hand gestures and a word in German that nobody could figure out. After speaking with her father, the staff learned that the word meant that she had to go to the bathroom, and the hand gestures were actually sign language that the family taught her. Your coworker thinks it would be helpful to learn if there are any special or unique ways that the child uses to communicate wants and needs.

Focus Assignment- (Create a form)

1. Your job is to create an intake form, called “Getting to Know Me,” to gather information that staff would like to know to help new children transition as smoothly as possible from home to preschool. Create questions about the children’s characteristics and qualities that would help the staff get to know the child so they can prepare for the child’s arrival. Include a section about behavior and calming strategies that work at home as well as a section on how the child communicates. It should be simple and easy to fill out for families.
2. Be sure to read the SELF-EVALUATION section below to guide your thinking. Write your self-evaluation after you have completed your student information intake form.
3. Review the assessment rubric to see how your assignment and self-evaluation will be graded.

Self-Evaluation- Part 2 of the assignment

For your intake form:
a. Explain your rationale for how the questions on the intake form address the issues in the scenario.
b. Give evidence from the chapter supporting the questions on your intake form (with citations).
2. Describe and justify how your intake form will improve a new child’s transition from home to preschool.


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