Four business discussion questions dq1, dq2, dq3, dq4

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DQ 1 – Week 6 Thread

What are some real-world examples of ethical and unethical practices you have read about, seen in the news, or encountered at your workplace? What were the outcomes of those practices?

DQ 2 – Week 6 Thread

Consider the internally and externally focused practices of the organization for which you work or one with which you are familiar. Does the organization focus more on meeting social obligations, engaging in social responsiveness, or acting with social responsibility? Do you think the company’s focus should be elsewhere? Why or why not? Support your assertions.

DQ 3 – Week 6 Thread

A member of a one culture may not view a situation with the same ethical perspective as a member of another culture. Given this, what can an organization do when faced with an ethical dilemma complicated by cross-cultural considerations? What factors must be considered when making decisions in situations like these?

DQ 4 – Week 6 Thread

Read the Parable of the Sadhu article located in this Week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. What would you have done had you been in that situation? How does the Parable of the Sadhu relate to ethical business decisions? Provide examples. 


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