FIR 2305 Columbia Southern University Introduction to Fire Prevention Questions

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Question 1

Imagine that you have been asked to inspect a facility with fire protection features such as an alarm system and a sprinkler system. What areas of concern will you have during your inspection, or what areas will you note in your inspection, and why?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

Question 2

In the previous unit, you created an inspection checklist that you would utilize if you were inspecting facilities or properties in the field. Now you are going to put your checklist to the test by conducting a mock inspection of an actual facility. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will likely not be able to have access as normal to local businesses. If you do happen to be able to get access, however, you will work with a local property owner or manager to access and conduct an inspection of a facility that should be equipped with a sprinkler and smoke detector system. During your inspection, you want to take pictures of the fire alarm system, the sprinkler riser, and any other concerns you might have with potential code violations and annotate in your field notes what you discovered. If you do not, you will need to improvise and conduct the same activity for your fire station, place of employment, or even your home. All of the requirements of the inspection may not be applicable to the occupancies, and you should document this accordingly.

Your submission will include a clean copy of your final inspection checklist as well as a one- to two-page memo that you would submit to your supervisor or chief, reporting on what you found during your inspection. In your memo, include the following information:

  • the purpose and importance of the fire inspection,
  • the role that you as the fire inspector were playing when inspecting the property (based on the Chapter 8 textbook reading),
  • what concerns you had during the inspection,
  • what you would do if you had power to create and draft citations, and
  • how you would address your concerns.

Also, attach at least two pictures, even if they do not show violations, to the report. This assignment does not utilize APA format. However, if any outside sources are used, please cite and reference them properly. Please keep in mind that you will need to upload two separate files to the assignment area: the checklist and your memo.

Question 3

Reflecting on the fire investigation process in your community, do you believe that it is thorough enough when it comes to determining the causes and origins of fires? Why, or why not? How could you convince individuals within your community of the importance of thoroughness in fire investigation?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

Question 4

Understanding the importance of how fire investigation leads to identifying the cause and origin of a fire is vital in aiding the fire prevention bureau in the design and implementation of any fire prevention program.

Review the data compiled by the NFPA related to structural fire causes:

Campbell, R. (2017). Intentional fires. Retrieved from…

Read Section One, “Intentional Structural Fires,” and choose any two structural fire causes that you think are relevant to and/or currently problematic in your community or jurisdiction. For each cause, include the information listed below.

  • Explain whether the cause would indicate a primarily individual or community risk.
  • Identify who you would target with a relevant fire safety education program and how a cause-and-origin investigation is used to determine this.
  • Recall how you would use the five-step model to compose the fire safety education program.
  • Write one measurable, actionable fire prevention objective for this program.
  • Briefly describe the fire prevention message you would try to deliver to this audience.
  • Identify the groups in the community that could be helpful or involved in message delivery.
  • Briefly explain how you could evaluate this program’s effectiveness.

Your written assignment should be at least two pages in length. Be sure to utilize APA formatting for all sources cited. You should use at least two sources for this assignment.

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