Finance WACC Problem

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Determine the WACC for a Kellogg Company as well as data you can find through research. Write a brief report in which you state your determination of WACC, describe and
justify how you determined the number, and provide relevant information as to
the sources of your data. Assume the
Market Risk Premium is 4% unless you can develop a better number.

rf is the
risk free rate. The YTM on 10 year US Treasury securities is a good

You may assume a
corporate tax rate of 40%.

The synopsis of Kellogg Company should include 

contains the
following elements:

The calculated WACC.

data was used to calculate WACC. This would be the formula and the formula with
your values substituted.


discussion of how much confidence in the answer. What were the
limiting assumptions that you made, if any.

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