Final Essay for FAS-202

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I am needing a comparative art essay written for my final project in Humanities. It must be at least 4 pages long in MLA format. However, you will be able to choose the works of art that you would like to write about from the attached list. Please include 4 citations.


The purpose of this final project is to evaluate your knowledge of the skills necessary for performing a visual and contextual analysis of two works and to measure
your application of these techniques as you relate the works to real-world relevance/popular culture/ideas/concepts.

Select two works from this list. The first work will be from one of the following categories: baroque, rococo, neoclassicism, or romanticism. The second will be
modern (e.g., realism, impressionism, postimpressionism), postmodern, or contemporary (1970–present). You will identify a common/shared theme (e.g., social
or cultural issue) in both works. For example, in Judith Leyster’s Self Portrait (Dutch baroque, 1630) and Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas (surrealism, 1939), a shared
theme is the presentation of self.

After identifying the common theme in both works, you will develop an essay that explores how each work is a product of its particular historical moment.
Finally, you will address the relevance of this shared theme in contemporary culture by choosing a third work that exemplifies this theme. This third work could
be a specific contemporary work belonging to any genre of the arts or even a contemporary social construct such as reality television or social media. For
example, you could consider the presentation of self as a relevant and recurring theme on Facebook today.

* You must be able to follow the rubric to complete the assignment.*

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