FC Analysis of Current Issues Paper

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My chosen topic is: BLACK LIVES MATTER

Analysis of relevant news stories or opinion pieces, Instructions & Rubric – Summer 2023

This term, you will need to complete three of these analyses. The primary purpose of this

exercise is for students to identify contemporary social problems through real-world examples

and increase their news and media literacy. Completing all three of these is also part of fulfilling

the Gordon Rule requirement for this course.

For each assignment, you will need to find current (no older than April 1, 2023) news or opinion

pieces that relate to the topics of social problems that we will be discussing this term. Access to

many news sources is free online; however, some sources do have paywalls. Fortunately,

students can access most major news sources through the Palm Beach State Library databases for

free. The databases are available here: library databases. You should have access to any of the

sources you need in the following databases: America’s News, Business Source Complete, New

York Times PASS, and Nexis Uni.

Because these analyses are meant to be topical and related to course material and class

discussion, each piece you choose should relate to the material covered between these

assignments. Meaning for news analysis 1, topics should relate to anything covered in

chapters 1 and 3; for news analysis 2, topics should relate to anything covered in chapters

7, 8, and 11; and for news analysis 3, topics should relate to anything covered in chapters 2

and 12.

Each analysis should be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 600 words. You must do

the following:

? Briefly summarize the story or opinion

o Name and date of publication

o The topic of the piece

o How you found it (e.g., scrolling social media, reading specific news outlets,

searching library databases)

? Identify the highlighted social problem(s)

o What are the claims?

o How does the piece legitimize this issue?

o Who is making arguments for and against the issue?

? Develop your alternative strategy or solution

o What programs or policies would you suggest?

o Are the non-policy alternatives you might attempt?


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