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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion do you agree do you disagree with those two paragraphs one for each para and if you agree or disagree he why or why not

1. When things are falling apart in your personal life you become emotionally vulnerable to an inmate relationship. Family conflict, divorce, discovery of infidelity or even children behaving badly can open you to an inmate relationship. Sometimes having day-to-day contact with any individual makes it easy to begin identifying with their beliefs and sympathizing with their plight. We all struggle to maintain a balance between the need to avoid identifying with our inmate charges and the need to maintain an awareness of their humanity. Furthermore, manipulative inmates will study your attitudes and actions, using them to their own benefit. If an inmate convinces you to do even a small favor, you have started down the path of obligation. Feelings of obligation are universally human, but obligation to inmates is the enemy of a secure workplace. Often, the first step to a more intimate relationship with an inmate involves written communication. A note, letter or email moves the relationship one step further down the road to ruin. Even when not sexually explicit, written communication has been used as evidence of an improper relationship with an inmate. More than likely whatever she decides I would probably still say something to my superior officer about the situation, just because she said she ended it doesn’t mean she did. Situations like this is how inmates are able to score drugs, escape and even kill or hurt an officer.

2. Working in a facility such as a prison or any facility dealing with inmates, it is very unethical for any criminal justice professional to form any type of intimate relationship with an inmate. First, it is a conflict of interest for a criminal justice professional to work in a facility of that kind and engage in a relationship with an inmate. The situation can lead to special treatment of the inmate because of their relationship when they are there to serve their punishment. Relationships with inmates can also lead to improper behavior (sexual acts) within the facility that is deplorable. Ethically, all inmates shall be treated as inmates and not as spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends etc. If I were that counselor that my coworker confided in, I would have to warn her to discontinue the situation with the inmate or I must report her to superiors. Being that their relationship did not exceed to anything sexual or any level of seriousness I would hold back on reporting her and allow her to break off the relationship. I would keep a close eye on her and if she continues to proceed with the relationship I would report her. My only reason for not initially reporting her is because she needs her job for her livelihood. By me give her a warning and an opportunity to correct her unethical behavior, it is fair game if I had to report her it continued.

3. Basic human rights are those that are given to every person regardless of incarceration, size, sex, race, age and so on! As I read the paragraph I immediately began to put my self in the position of the student guard. I feel that though these inmates are in prison because of crimes they committed it doesnt take away from the fact that they are human beings. The racial slurs that accompany this behavior is completely unacceptable. I would immediately try to stop the situation and neutralize it quickly. I would not show any favoritism towards the inmate or the guard. I would send the inmate on his way after I made sure he was ok. Then I would pull the guard off to the side and warn him if that happens again Im going right to the warden. Not only is this kind a behavior horrible but it is extremely dangerous as well. Inciting violence in an inmate is bad enough but backing his rage with racially fueled rhetoric can start a riot. There is a good chance that the majority of the inmates are minorities. This abuse can circulate via word of mouth quickly. Inmates are not known for their precision targeting in prisons. I mean if this inmate decides he has had enough he will lash out at any guard for any reason putting himself and the prison staff in jeopardy. If the word has gotten out that the guard is abusing the inmate and using racial slurs then a full scale revolt is possible. My own ethical system is based on the model of human rights. In term of these inmates I think that they committed a crime and are being punished for it. The differentiation stops there. These are people with families on the outside. Most of these inmates will be out and free at some point living lives just like us. Then they will be back into society. Why on earth would you want to taint an inmate who has the possibility of being freed and then come find you for calling him racial names in prison? Not only that but wouldn’t you want to help this person in prison to be a better man so when he is free he takes something positive away form the incarceration he experienced? Treat everyone with dignity and respect. In the case of inmates they are already at the bottom. Lets keep them there for their sentence but with a human to human relationship. My personal bias would effect my ethical approach. I would become inconsolable with rage if I was to see this. Its not a “white guilt” thing for me ether. This is a dangerous situation this guard has put everyone in. It is also taking us back as a society to the times of our grandparents. We try to move forward in every way racially and then something like this happens

4. Articulate the rationale for the steps you would or would not take in approaching this ethical issue, based on applicable ethical systems: One of the steps I would take in this matter is walk over to the officer and prisoner to break up the conflict and tell the officer I would handle this situation, before it got out of hand. I would then ask the prisoner to please re—sweep the area to make sure it was cleaned properly. After handling the situation I would then tell the officer that he should not talk to prisoners in that manner because they do have rights even though they are in prison. However, since this issue has been going on for some time with this officer and others, I feel that I would need to make a report of the incident and allow my superior to handle it. Even though prisoner have committed a crime that landed them behind bars, they are in fact still human and deserve rights just like everyone else and should not be treated in that type of manner. Explain your own ethical system, based on human rights standards and their ethical implications: Everyone has their own ethical rights in what they believe in, however, I believe that no one should be treated any different than me. I also believe that everyone should be respected and treated fairly no matter their backgrounds. Assess whether your personal biases may affect your ethical approach to this dilemma: To be honest, if I heard an officer calling someone racial names yes it would infuriate me, however, I would not allow it to control me in a negative manner. I would approach the situation in a professional manner, and then take it up with my superior about how this officer was acting. So in a way, it would affect me to a certain degree, but I would not allow it to make matters worse.

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