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Instructions: For response 1-2, respond thoughtfully. Just saying “I agree” or “I disagree” does not constitute a thoughtful response. They need to be substantive to promote further discussion, new ideas, or questions and are at least 150-350 words and meaningful sentences that are also professionally written. State your opinion. Do you agree with them? If so why or why not?


1. The future of infomercials are already happening, with new tactics and platforms I don’t think they went away. In Hulu they still provide a lot of commercials that happen in the beginning to the middle and at the end of each episode. Other platforms like youtube do the same but others do it in a form of an ad pop. The future of advertisements can be introduced the same way Hulu is now implementing. Maybe famous streaming services will now have infomercials as a part of seeing the ad to enjoy the content they have. Infomercials blew up when the funny iconic videos started going into memes, the humorous side can help the infomercial be spread in the eyes of the public. With that in mind they can also be used in the social media aspect to introduce infomercials now. With the new trend on platforms like instagram they can finally reach out to the community of young adults with a new market.

2. Marketing is everywhere especially if you are in the center of it all. I remember when I was younger seeing many negotiations play out usually in the market or whenever I would visit Mexico. Mexico is something else especially since the price is negotiable, everything they are selling can be bought with an offer. It is just the way the business is handled over there and if you notice in places here like swap meets. There is always a negotiable price for places that sell independently. Mother’s day passed and the sale of flowers had a sky rocket. But even if the price shot up those places have a system that could lower the price of flowers just by negotiation. It affected me by showing that profit is always there, the price can be firm or negotiable, it only leaves the right consumer to show up.

3. The marketing aspect of ethics is never seen by the public eye; it is usually presented by others to show that the company is being unethical. The one I always bash on being unethical is Amazon. They have been tirelessly draining their employees that work the front lines and even for the ones that work on the shipping department. Usually marketing involves the company to put out something that is clearly unethical but the way to showcase that is by finding out about it by another source. The source may or not be truthful but there is a saying in the company. I am going to lay off Amazon and go to Chick fil A, the fast food chain explains how much of a good christian they are but usually what that means is that they don’t agree with the social changes that happen. I remember in an article that says that many gay people are affected by the chain as they aren’t welcomed as much as the regular customers their view on relgion is a marketng aspect that can affect them if the people find out that they aren’t really the good “christians”.

4. Reading thoroughly the way Disney could try to introduce Disney plus is through viral marketing the way it shows and be known is that Disney is a very well known licensed brand. The way I see it is that packaging options for price can be better and I know it first hand as I have Disney plus with ESPN plus and Hulu. They have that option as a bundle that is said in the textbook as a bundling strategy. Bundling strategy is grouping many products together to be priced as one single buy. It says products but in the textbook it mentions that tv services offer in a similar style for internet and cable.It could also well be penetration pricing as there are many competitors that offer streaming that has some disney related products, they did offer the service fairly low for a service that has a market of being 15 a month.

5. Iphone does the strategy of price skimming in the market. They use price skimming as a way to introduce new products at a high price to cover the cost of the new product items to generate a profit. The problem is that every version that gets made will make the iphone generally always more expensive. The new version already comes in at basically a thousand dollars. The way price skimming works is that the item can benefit from a plan like this. In other words the technology that iphone produces can get away with such a high price that even if a phone costs a grand they can back it with the new setups they have for the phones. It shows to work as many people wait in line to get the newest edition of the iphone even as long to wait days prior to setting up camp.


  1. With more and more streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and countless more I think that slowly Cable and Satellite TV watching will fade out. The only purpose for watching TV is to see a show when it airs that same day but if you are not in a hurry most of the time Hulu stream the next day and adds the new episode. Also, sports games could be a lot of the reason why Cable and Satellite TV’s are still in the game, but if this were not the case a lot of people would cancel their cable providers. For the future of infomercials since fewer people will be watching TV they have to promote and market in a different way. For instance, if you have the cheaper Hulu plan you must watch commercials but if you purchase the higher plan you do not have commercials. Things like this will be more at play, we can already start seeing it now. A key example is getting commercial ads on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Even when on the internet or purchasing products and even YouTube has ads. This is a way of replacing or combatting the decline of people watching TV and missing infomercials.
  2. Marketing has greatly affected my life, its kind of funny to think about it because I know they are trying to reel me in to purchasing things and some days I’m like oh I don’t need that and other days its like oh wait that’s pretty cool. This also has a lot to do with social media and if I hear people who have had a good experience using a certain product, I am more likely to purchase it. If I am looking for a good product I often go to my peers or family members and ask what is good to get for this situation or what brand do you get of this. It is the mind set of hey it worked for them so it should work for me. I do a lot of review searching and asking for advice before buying something I normally would not buy. Also, the packaging really hits it home along with the quality of the product and even ingredients or do they test on animals. A lot goes into the marketing of a product along with purchasing a product and decision making because as you are marketing you have to think like the consumer and what would make them or influence them to buy this product.
  3. In looking online, I found that amazon engages in unethical marketing as they not only engage in tax avoidance, but they even violate laws. In the Seattle Times amazon was exposed for poor treatment of Chinese workers as they have such a large wait time just to clock out of work and are not compensated. They have up to 100 hours a month of overtime that exceeds legal limits and they have low wages, so low its not enough to have a decent standard of living. They are putting their employees through horrible working conditions. Their production also exploits animals as they do not prohibit the sale of fur, wool, or silk. They gave no information when conducting a sustainability report as they fail to acknowledge the impact of there extensive use of electronic products in their factories. They also fail to provide any information of toxic chemical use; however, the production of clothing often releases numerous hazardous chemicals and amazon has failed to report any of that.
  4. The pricing strategy Disney used when it first released Disney+ Streaming Service was psychological pricing as they charge $6.99 for a month or $69.99 for a year and they even offer a package deal you can get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ all for $12.99 a month. This gives the customer prices that are not an even dollar amount giving the customer the illusion that it is a lower price. They also provide different types of subscriptions that fit everyone’s needs as I stated above, they cover a large demographic and when having these package selections it makes the customer feel that Disney is doing their job at finding the best package subscriptions and you choose what’s best for your needs.
  5. The pricing strategy Apple uses when releasing a new phone is psychological pricing this is based on the phone let us say for example the iPhone 12 with 128GB is $649 and the same phone for 256GB is $749. As the iPhone model number increases the price will also increase this is dependent on features and phone storage. In comparing all the new releases of iPhone, the prices all have a similarity that being the prices all end in a number 9. This is odd-even pricing making it visually more appealing to consumers when purchasing the new iPhone. Many companies do this to increase sales and lure customers into purchasing the next big thing whether that be in technology, grocery stores, subscriptions, and practically anything it gives us that appeal and makes the consumer think it’s a better deal.

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