objectives of the assignment

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Objectives of the Assignment:

1. Explore moral issues that are interesting and important to the lives of students.

2. Improve on the skills of participating in and leading a serious conversation about a deep philosophical matter. This requires a demeanor of openness and humility as well as critical thinking skills -following an argument, defining terms, recognizing fallacious thinking.

Assignment Description:

1. Choose a moral issue/scenario/problem that you are interested in introducing as a topic of discussion. This can be a news story, a personal dilemma, a more broadly philosophical question – any moral problem that is not covered in the syllabus.

2. Have prepared one main question to entertain. Have other subordinate questions (2-4) that will serve to lead the group if the discussion is stalled.

3. Present the issue in class by way of a short explanation. (A short video may be used if appropriate and helpful in understanding the problem.) Listen to responses, and lead the conversation in a rational, respectful, Socratic way – as much as you are able.

The presenter should strive to provide an environment for real discussion, inquiry, openness. Try to locate points of agreement and disagreement and pursue these further by way of asking more questions. Keep discussion centered on your question and your topic.

And I will attach an example for the presentation.


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