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Watch the video, read the links. Write your opinion in 150-200 words. Then respond to your classmates with 2-3 sentences.

-The opinions to respond-

1- After reading “Tea and Sympathy” and chapter 5 “ A Kind Of Revlon” , to a certain extent I feel that the things that I was taught in elementary and high school were a little exaggerated because most of the things that they say happened in the textbooks didn’t happen. I think that it’s something else behind the traditional history that is taught at school to children. Because everyone is taught almost the same thing in high school from these approved history textbooks in American. I think that it’s more to “traditional history” but also sugar coated, that’s why some of the stories in the history textbooks are false. The people who make the history books have a way with putting what they think is important and what they think should be learned in school across America, which makes it traditional because they are changing the way young children are being taught about American history. I think that the video “Tradition” makes a lot of sense on how history is viewed.

2- Zinn says that white men with no land were still better off than Indians, slaves, and endentured servants which is pretty sad because white men with no land are the lowest of the low ranking of being white. The fact that they’re still higher ranked than slaves, endentured servants, and Indians, the original land owners is extremely sad. We’ve always been taught that the founding father’s main goal was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness when that was basically an attention grabber so others didn’t catch on to their true goal which was only beneficial to them. Many men were forced to go to war and if not they had to do jail time and their only way for release was to take an oath saying they are going to fight in was which is honestly pretty similar to stuff we have now. Religion was highly forced in an every day life and much of their taxes were out towards Christian essentials.

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