course project elearning course assignment and collaboration elements

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Now that you have completed the “development” portion of the ADDIE model, you will need to stand back and make sure the entire course is aligned, that you have included the engagement phases appropriate for your course participants, and that assignments and assessments properly measure the outcomes outlined in the beginning.

To prepare:

Complete the course alignment tool you started in Module 2 by incorporating the assignment tasks you developed in Assignment 1 of this module. Reflect on the reasons why you chose this assignment task and assessment strategy over other options. Read about engagement activities in online courses, Martin and Bolliger (2018) and Whiteside et al, Chapter 10, and consider how your discussions and activities might reach into these higher levels.

Submit a 1- to 2-page paper that contains the following:

  • Course alignment tool (begun in Module 2)
    • Add learning resources and assignments.
    • Describe any modifications to learning activities if a mismatch in alignment is revealed.

Submit this Assignment with the Module 5 Assignment 2 Rubric pasted to the last page of the document. Complete the Student-Self Assessment column, adding comments to justify the points you have awarded your work – full points are not automatic. Use correct APA form and style with scholarly writing. If these requirements are not met, the assignment will be returned without a grade.

Note: In order for grading to take place, submitted assignments MUST include the following:

  1. Correctly formatted document naming convention (see Submission and Grading Information)
  2. Title page that follows the Writing Center course template
  3. Correct APA form and style; APA formatted in-text citations for ideas from Learning Resources
  4. Scholarly writing with proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling; future tense is used appropriately when referring to the proposed eLearning course
  5. Reference page following current APA formatting style
  6. Copy of the rubric with the Student Self-Assessment completed, including justification for the points awarded

Important: When these six items are not included in the submission, the instructor will not grade the assignment, will enter 0 points, and the assignment will be considered late – resulting in point deductions in line with the Late Policy.

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