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The focus of this assignment is to show a realistic sense of a timeline involved in developing a grant project, and an understanding of the tasks and duties involved in achieving the necessary goals to bring your project to fruition.

A timeline is essentially an outline of your entire project plan from start to finish that shows what will happen and by when.

Scenario – Assume you are a member of a city-wide task force appointed by your city manager for the purpose of addressing the issue of homeless persons in your area. You have been tasked with developing a grant or foundation-funded proposal for a project to assist homeless persons in your community. The city manager will be presenting your timeline to the City Council next week.

Develop a project timeline that includes the following:

  • The entire Grant Life Cycle over the timeline
  • The persons responsible for the project, their job titles and responsibilities
  • Tasks, goals, or duties
  • Specific milestones
  • Projected dates when each part of the grant implementation will occur

Tips: Think longitudinally and holistically. Consider the entire Grant Project Lifecycle, from initial research and data gathering, to planning of the response, funding activities, various stakeholder interactions or activities, recruitment, hiring, training, project launch or service delivery, to final evaluation. Consider process objectives, activities, methods, outcome objectives, and exactly when to evaluate. Breakdown the entire project into phases and/or dates when each facet will occur.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains your timeline in detail.

Format your paper with APA Guidelines.

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