minimum criteria 16 20 pages of text plus appendices e g tables survey items amp 12 references

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Communication Study. Design a research study (e.g. survey, field observation, experiment, content analysis, interviews) to answer a research question and/or pose a hypothesis about human interaction or some other aspect of communication. Study will be executed, and final paper will report intro and research questions/hypothesis, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. Data may be collected in a variety of ways and may be analyzed with qualitative and/or quantitate methods.

Minimum criteria: 16-20 pages (of text), plus appendices (e.g. tables, survey items), & 12+ references.

All writing associated with the Capstone Project, including creative project essays, should be in 12- point, Times New Roman, double-spaced font and otherwise adhere to APA (6th Ed.) guidelines (e.g., title, abstract, and reference pages, headers, margins, tables).


Write a 1+ page reflection of your Capstone Project by assessing the strengths and limitations of the overall project. You should minimally address the questions: What did I learn? What could I have done differently? This reflection is part of your Final Portfolio & does not need to be separately submitted.


Interactive Online Communication and its Impact on Public Relation

The content area of the project is interactive online communication and its impact on public relation. Interactive communication refers to the exchange of ideas between different parties. In this communication, all parties engage actively and can affect one another. It is dynamic, which means it is two way. In the current times, the presence of the internet makes interactive communication better.

The reason for conducting this kind of project is to make awareness and let people know how much important interactive online communication is and how it impacts public relations. As the internet is becoming more and more expendable, the significance of interactive online communication is proving to be more evident. The communication here can happen in different ways which include texts, emails, or using different social media sites. The motivation behind this project is also to get to know how this communication is conducted. The features of online communication include the digital format in which it is undertaken. Any interactive online communication uses digital platforms which use the internet.

The objectives which are part of the motivation behind this kind of study is to understand the delivery of this information. Online communication has a delivery format which is immediate. Any information reaches the other end of the communication almost instantly. This is made possible by the fact that the information travels very fast by use of an electronic form of transmission. Another objective is to understand how interactive communication is. Since the delivery of the messages and information is immediate, there is a high level of interactivity between both sides of the communication. Understanding the individuality is also a big motivation for this study. What’s the process of this communication? Is the question to answer in this case. The way interactive online communication is exchanged between parties can be customized, considering the needs of each party (Besley, Dudo & Yuan, 2018).

Communication study is all about how people communicate with each other. Communication studies help people understand that communication is interactive or rather social. Communication studies encompass different fields which include interactive online communication and its impacts. It also explains the problems of different kinds of communication (Bernstein, 2019). All these factors are what makes this project a communication study.

The impacts of interactive online communication on public relations is the question I hope to answer by the end of this project. Public relations refer to the communication process that individual people or organizations implement to mutually benefit from the public (Supa, 2019). Public relations specialists must have communication plans and mostly use media or other platforms to create a positive name and image and maintain their good relationship with the audience targeted. The public relations specialists will mostly use online media as it is faster, and it reaches out to a larger mass than direct communication. Conducting this study will help understand how these specialists interact with people on the media and its impacts.

To answer the question of the impacts of interactive online communication on public relations, it will require strategies or effective methods to come to the solution. One of the best strategies is the online research. There are several articles by different authors who have already done research explaining how online communication affects public relations. Using different articles or online sources will help to come up with a lot of information. Summarizing this information will help to conclude on the most crucial impacts. For variability, first-hand information is also important. To obtain this, surveys come in handy. Getting information directly from some of the public relation specialists will help a lot.


Bernstein, E. B. (2019). The 2019 Communication Studies Career Symposium.

Supa, D. (2019). Public Relations and Integrated Communication. In An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research (pp. 463-478). Routledge.

Besley, J. C., Dudo, A., & Yuan, S. (2018). Scientists’ views about communication objectives. Public Understanding of Science, 27(6), 708-730.

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