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Pick one of the essays types presented here and select one of the prompts of that type. You must only do one.

Write a narrative essay based on one of the following prompts:

1: Write a parable designed to teach a lesson.

2: Congratulations, you’ve just received super powers. Tell the reader a story that demonstrates what kind of person you are based on what those powers are and how you’d use them if you got the chance.

3: Tell a story about an event that defined who you are as a person.

4: Tell a story about an event that demonstrates what kind of a person you are.

Write an analysis essay based on one of the following prompts:

1: Analyze and explain why people have phobias.

2: Answer the following questions through an analysis of gender roles: are gender roles changing (if so, why?) and should they change?

3: Analyze a practice, invention, or event and break it down so we can understand it better, where it came from/came to be, and why it is important.

4: Analyze a disaster to break down why it happened and what effect it had.

Write a process analysis on one of the following topics or another like them:

How to escape addiction.

How to avoid an accident.

How does a magician perform their tricks?

How to write an essay.

How does an often ignored process that is critical to our existence actually work?

How do you handle being bullied?

How to play (insert sport here).

How to be a successful (insert job title here).

How to tell a good joke.

How to survive a dinner with your significant other’s parents?

(Talk to the professor directly if you want to pose another potential concept)

Write a definition essay in which you define comprehensively one of the following terms:
family, marriage, a good person, heroism, loyalty, evil, individuality, terrorism, beauty or privacy. This means going beyond the dictionary definition and defining what this idea means to its core. You can include a literal definition if you want, but the essay itself should definitely go deeper.

Write a process analysis essay that that helps the reader understand something they thing they already know a lot about in an entirely new way.


  • MLA format including: heading, page number, and title
  • Double Spaced.
  • Length must be 3-5 pages.
  • Times New Roman 12pt font
  • Late papers will not be accepted after the final.
  • You must use 4 additional outside sources on any except the narrative essay.

One source you must use and cite is the written work itself if you’re doing the analysis


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