i want you to consider how energy expended vs acquired is at the core of your own activities behaviors and cost benefit decision making identify one example

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I’d like to focus on energy as used by cultural ecologists to formulate and explain the social, economic, political, and cultural structure of different societies/social groups. That is, all system require energy to function and to sustain themselves over time. This true if we’re talking about a bike, a car, a human body, a factory, a building, etc. etc. Certainly it is true of social systems. Energy (its expenditure and its acquisition) is at the core of each of this week’s reading.

I want you to consider how energy (expended vs. acquired) is at the core of your own activities, behaviors, and cost/benefit decision-making (Identify one example).

Further, I’d like to hear you to reflect on how “culture” (in its many forms: tradition, ceremony, celebration, taboos, etc.) has 1) emerged (so to speak) as functional means of sustaining/ensuring this personal relationship with energy OR ALTERNATIVELY, 2) how this relationship is recognized as part and parcel of a particular cultural phenomenon or event. Think about it.


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