chapter 1 journal 1

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  1. Answer each of the following questions using complete sentences.
  2. Answers must be identified by using a different color ink.
  3. Be sure to answer each question completely and work to incorporate material from the text, course exercises and discussions.
  4. Answers must integrate course terminology and personal experience.
  5. All journals must be submitted on Canvas.
  6. Please use the following format to type your responses following each question.
  7. Review the Chapter Journal Grading Rubric.

How Personal Are Your Relationships?

  1. Complete the “How Personal Are Your Relationships” Questions. For the purposes of this exercise, be sure to list several people who are close to you.
    1. Make a list of several people who are close to you (e.g. family members, people you live with, friends, coworkers, and so on)
    2. Use a scale (from 1-5) that follow to rate each relationship.
    3. Consider comparing your results with your classmates or friends.
    4. After completing the questions, ask yourself the important question: How satisfied are you with the answers you found?
      Uniqueness1 (Standardized, habitual)2345 (Unique)
      Replaceability1 (Replaceable)2345 (Irreplaceable)
      Dependence1 (Independent)2345 (Interdependent)
      Disclosure1 (Low disclosure)2345 (High disclosure)
      Intrinsic Rewards 1 (Unrewarding)2345 (Rewarding)
  2. For each person, be sure to use the scales to evaluate how personal your relationships are.
  3. The written portion of this portfolio: For each person that you are close to, identify the level of uniqueness, replaceability, dependence, disclosure, and intrinsic rewards. Then, discuss how satisfied you are with the answers that you found.
  4. Be sure to include terms from the chapter to help you explain your answers. Be sure to address the following questions:
    1. What are the unique qualities of your relationships?
    2. How irreplaceable are your relationships?
    3. How much interdependence characterizes your different relationships?
    4. Compare the amounts of self-disclosure present in your relationship along the impersonal-interpersonal spectrum.
    5. Distinguish the rewards (extrinsic and intrinsic) in your different relationships.

Student Example

4. Compare the amounts of self-disclosure present in your relationships along the impersonal-interpersonal spectrum. As said on page 16, “There are occasions when we don’t want to be personal…” There are things I would never share with my father for example, and there are things that I do not share with my husband either. With my girlfriends however, I am willing to share a lot more, and with my friend Rasha I share the most. This is the “impersonal element” with the 5 people that I am closest too. I choose how much to share with each one according to the relationship, and sometimes I just don’t want to.

5. Distinguish the rewards in your different relationships. I think that I have intrinsic rewards with the 5 relationships that I have rather than extrinsic. I say this because extrinsic would mean that I want “tangible rewards” from those relationships. I however find great pleasure in just having those people in my life. Even though my dad has helped me out financially in the past, and I receive nice things from my husband in the form of gifts, this is not the sole reason that I have a relationship with them. Same goes with my 3 closest girlfriends. Its intrinsic because “The relationship itself is what’s important.” (pg. 15

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