economics 201 final

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Before taking the test the lockdown browser must be downloaded. Before starting the test open the browser and take it from there. I will attach photos of some of the answers she gave during class. The test is timed, you will have 120 minutes.

Here are the steps to prepare to take the test by downloading the browser:

  1. Go to https://resources.vccs.eduLinks to an external site. scroll down to ‘Respondus Lockdown Browser’ and click ‘Download Lockdown Browser’ – when they ask you to identify yourself or institution put VCCS then it is a free download.
  2. Once Downloaded, before you log into Canvas, open the browser software
    1. Check to disable pop-up blockers
    2. If you have a high-security setting on your virus software, you may have to either lower it or add the Respondus website
  3. Log into Canvas and Open the sample quiz in the Unit Test Module
  4. Take the quiz and exit

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