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In O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” the characters were introduced as they interacted with the grandmother. The grandmother is a talkative woman who loves to make conversation with the people around her every chance she gets. We get a glimpse of the characteristics and traits of her family members when they react to the actions of the grandmother. To illustrate, Bobby is seen as standoffish when he repeatedly ignores his mother. The grandmother also makes an effort to talk to Bobby’s wife, but she never spoke on behalf of herself, which leads the viewers to see her submissive nature. Her grand kids also come off as spoiled and disrespectful through multiple conversations with the grandmother. The only truly good man in the story was Red Sam Butts, who shared the worries and apprehensions of the grandmother regarding the increased crimes.

In the story, the role of the father is to keep the family safe. However, when tragedy befell the family, it was the grandmother who tried to talk their way out of danger. The father complied with the request of the Misfit, knowing full well that he and his son will get shot. The role of the mother did not change, when asked if she would like to join her husband in the afterlife, she quickly agreed and took the children with her. In my opinion, the one who exhibited the most change was the grandmother. She tried to use her faith and belief in God to appeal to the emotions of the Misfit. However, when she realized that her faith wouldn’t do her any good, panic overcame her; and she muttered the words, “Maybe He didn’t raise the dead.” Thus, denying her belief in God.

I believe any man who encounters an impending tragedy changes the way he acts. The roles changed throughout the story because the interaction shifted from the grandmother to the Misfit and his crew. The family members acted the way they did around the grandmother, maybe because they were used to her, or they were annoyed by her constant talking. However, their encounter with the Misfit was sudden and unexpected; the family did not know how to act. Thus, their roles changed.


strongly agree with your post on various aspects of the hour story. From the story and your post, it is apparent that in the majority of social situations, women are usually deemed as being prisoners to their husbands. It is critical to understand that marriage is not only about the love and affection between two people as per Chopin’s writing and my classmate’s basis for argument. Social status, acceptance, and monetary comfort form a key part of marriage. From the story, it is apparent that Mrs. Mallard seems to have been stuck in this marriage for a couple of number good of years, even though she is still young.

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