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Linking Financial and Performance Management

For your initial post, address the following:

  1. How would you develop a performance management system in the organization you selected for your course project?
  2. What types of linkages could you draw between inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes? Be sure to identify the outputs and outcomes produced by the organization, how those will be measured, and how those are linked to the inputs and processes of the organization.
  3. How would you distinguish between fund capital assets and general capital assets in the organization? What criterion is needed to determine how to classify the assets?
  4. How does cost factor into the classifications? Provide an example of each type of capital asset to demonstrate this.

Stakeholders and Performance Management

Using the performance management system you discussed in this unit’s first discussion, consider how you would involve relevant stakeholders in this system, and address the following for your initial post:

  • Which stakeholders should be involved?
  • How, specifically, would you involve them in the performance management system?
  • Search the Internet for three examples of enterprise funds and how they are used in government or nonprofit organizations.
    • Which of the enterprise funds you identified are required?
    • Which are permitted but not required? Why?

Support your post with sources and cite them according to current APA guidelines. Be sure to critically evaluate the concepts and related literature. Address any pro and con arguments.


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