compare and contrast two of the following primary source excerpts from different chapters

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Compare and contrast TWO of the following primary source excerpts from DIFFERENT chapters. Make sure to include all the basic elements of a primary source analysis such as author, date, historical context, audience, etc. Include a minimum of 1 quotation from each document.

Chapter 1: Rig Veda, Bible, Popul Vuh, Yoruba Creation Narrative

Chapter 3: Code of Manu

Chapter 4: Upanishads

Chapter 5: Zoroaster, Dhammapada (Buddha), Socrates

Chapter 6: Ptolemy V

Chapter 7: Dong Zhongshu, Cicero

Chapter 8: Ecclesiastical history (Socrates), Egeria

Chapter 9: Law of Adamnan, Song Ruoxin and song Ruozhao,

Chapter 11: Ibn al-Wardi, Florentine Chronicle, Al-Maqrizi

Length: 2-3 pages, double-spaced

Note: no thesis is needed. You should analyze the two documents first, one after the other, and then provide a paragraph in which you compare similarities and differences.


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