case study on covid 19

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A list of cited sources in APA style must be included. Each source cited in the bibliography must also be cited in the text where appropriate. Use only scholarly sources, that is, sources that have been written and reviewed by experts in the field. Your textbook is a good example of a scholarly source. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. However, Wikipedia pages often contain lists of references which are scholarly sources. Search out those sources for the relevant information and cite from there. Materials presented by major medical or scientific organizations such as the NIH Institute for Allergies and Infectious Disease, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, or the JHU Coronavirus Resource Center, are acceptable sources for this assignment. Points will be deducted for incorrect or missing citations. View the links below to find more information about scholarly sources and APA style. (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)… (Links to an external site.)

A Different Reality

A Case Study on the Corona Virus and COVID-19

You are living in a teachable moment. Okay, more than a moment, but a time. You will likely remember the corona virus and its effect on you and your family for the rest of your life.

A 58-year old man enters an emergency room where you are working part-time as a ward clerk to help pay your tuition at HCC. He is complaining of having a dry cough, a temperature of 1010F, and being tired. He has a history of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and seasonal allergies that make it difficult at times for him to breath. He is admitted and after being tested, it is found that he is infected with the corona virus responsible for COVID-19.

This is the first person you know who has the disease and you find yourself drawn in to learning more about COVID-19 and the virus that causes it.

Short Answer Questions

1) What is a corona virus, and how does it compare to the seasonal flu virus and the common cold virus?

2) What is COVID-19, and what is the meaning of the name?

3) What is the history of COVID-19? Where do we think it came from and how did it come to humans?

10) How do we get from self-quarantining to back to normal life? What is a second wave? What is the difference between antiviral medication and a vaccine?

11) From what you have learned about the immune system, discuss the human body’s responses to a virus. Be sure to include innate and adaptive immune response. What is herd immunity?

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