i need the infographic and the discussion for the discussion is only 200 words

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To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Choose one of the following revenue cycle management components on which to focus for this Discussion:
    • Insurance verification
    • Prior authorization and precertification
    • Financial counseling and patient pay
    • Medical necessity
    • Case management and utilization management
    • Charge description master and charge capture
    • Coding and clinical coding improvement
    • Claims processing, payment posting, and denial management
    • Quality measures for improvement
  • Review the following examples of infographics. Consider their creativity and flow as you are creating your own infographic:

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

  • Create an infographic to describe the component that you chose. You can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, or a website like Adobe Spark or Canva (both linked in the Learning Resources) to create your infographic. You may also choose to use an app for mobile devices, like Toolbox for Pages or Daily Infographic. Regardless of the software used, when attaching to your Discussion post, save your infographic as a pdf file.
  • Respond to the following:
    • Identify the revenue cycle management component you chose.
    • Expand on which departments need to play roles in accomplishing the task. Specifically, list relevant departments and briefly describe the focus of each department’s role.
    • Explain how the task might impact revenue cycle management.

Provide specific examples in your response. Support your post with the at least two outside scholarly sources.



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