human development discussion 3

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1. In Chapter 6, you learned about temperament and attachment. Pick one of these constructs and answer the following: Imagine yourself in your future career or as parent some day. Why would knowing about a child’s temperament (or attachment) and factors that play a role in explaining differences in temperament (or attachment) be important?

2. In Chapters 7 and 8, you learned about early childhood development. Across the lecture videos, there was a common theme–gender differences–from gross and fine motor skill development, to play and aggression. In the videos, I mentioned that gender socialization (which begins even before birth) might help explain some of these differences. Thinking of your own childhood, provide at least 2-3 examples of gender socialization that you might have experienced that could have subconsciously impacted you. Some sources you might consider include: witnessed or experienced differential treatment based on gender by parents or teachers, ads for toys or clothing, stereotypes presented in books, tv, or movies you watched, etc. Please be as specific as possible.

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