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Part 1 of the Original Post:

a) Watch the video “My Scars: a personal story about what language meant to me”


b) In a paragraph, answer the last questions that Josh asks: What has language meant to you? Was there a moment or a meaningful experience when you realized the meaning of language in your life?

Part 2 of the Original Post:

In the second paragraph of your Week 2 Original Post, answer ONE of the following options and complete the assignment.

Option 1: Make up five new words using five ways described in Chapter Four for forming new words (compounding, acronym formation, clipping, blending, derivation). Name the process that you used in forming each of those words.

Option 2: Find 5 original examples of words formed by processes mentioned in this chapter; do not use the examples given in the textbook. Try to find words from your own fields of interest. Name the process that you used in forming each of those words.

Option 3: Acronym formation has been one of the most productive processes of generating new words. Why do you think acronyms are so popular? List 5 acronyms that you use in your daily life. Explain what each letter means. They can be standardized acronyms or mnemonic devices (e.g. AIDS=acquired immune deficiency syndrome or PEMDAS= parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction (Please, excise my dear aunt Sally= mnemonic device).

* Your original post should be 200-250 words long (combination of part 1 and part 2).


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