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This is assignment you can answers the questions plz

SAFE 4300

Agriculture Safety

Spring 2020

Name: _____________________________

OSHA has provided guidance for the farming industry by creating a set of standards that apply to agriculture. What is that standard’s federal identification number, (29 series)? How much does this standard cover in agriculture, is there another standard that’s used to supplement it?

Most of farming in this country is still done by small farms that are generally family owned. What regulation covers these small family owned farms? If so, provide the regulation, if not, explain the reason they aren’t covered.

Until OSHA was created in early 1970, there were not national/federal laws for health and safety. Why was it important to have a federal law for safety?

What is the purpose of OSHA?

What is the current requirement for reporting injuries and fatalities, ie., What is to be reported, by what time and how is it to be reported?

What responsibilities does the employer have in helping the employee safe?

OSHA Citation Penalties have changed in recent years. How have they changed?

If an employer decides to appeal a monetary fine for a violation in their workplace, there are four general rules that the employer must be aware of. Those are?

The employer is providing with a wide variety of sources of safety information to help them keep their workers safe. These sources of information outside the workplace are what?

What is a hazard? Why is it important to identify hazards? Once hazards have been identified, what can be created to control those hazards?

What is a Job Safety Analysis and what employees are involved in writing them?

The operation of a farm requires a variety of equipment, tractors, plows and combines only mention a few. Tractors are probably the most common piece of equipment on a farm with its own unique hazards. Identify three tractor hazards and solutions for them

This is a photograph of a typical compressor that might be found on a farm. Is there any problems with this piece of equipment?

This photo shows a typical flammable cabinet. Do you see any problems?

The problem with this photo is obvious. However, what would you do correct this? What you need to do is not counsel the employee but what would you do or provide the employee to do the job safer?

What is this a photo of? Explain the significance of this device and it’s danger to workers.

An employee comes to you as a supervisor and asked you questions about this chemical. Where do you go to find out information about it?

What is hearing protection and why is it important to all workers? What is the maximum decibel rate that a worker can be exposed to?

What is an MSD? Overexertion and bodily reaction make up what percentage of injuries and illnesses in 2014?

The attached pamphlet cover is from a publication from the CDC and NIOSH. “Simple Solutions” gives farming managers options for solving ergonomic issues in farm production. Describe three ergonomic solutions that would help minimize injuries.

Hazard Communication and management of hazardous materials are a part of the Workers Protection Standard, (WPS). What are the responsibilities of the employer to ensure that their workers are safe from hazardous materials?

In an eight (8) hour day, what are the maximum decibels that a worker can be exposed to? Sound is often measured and expressed for analysis by using time-weighted averages, (TWA). How would you explain the TWA to an employee?

You’re learned instructor has often said, “you don’t need to know a lot about Industrial Hygiene, but you should know what“?

Recently, the EPA has made some statements about Glyphosate, (Round-Up). What did the EPA say and why was it important?

Combustible Dust is arguably one of the most dangerous agricultural hazards. OSHA publishes standards in 29 CFR. What subsection?

For a fire to occur there must be three things present. For a combustible dust explosion to occur what else is required to be present?

Can Polypropylene dust be considered combustible dust?

Concentrated Animal Feed Operations, (CAFO) are an important part of the protein chain that supplies meat to most American families. However, when discussing CAFO the supporters are very often outnumbered by those who basically think they are evil. How would you give a balanced professional opinion on CAFO operations?


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