3 pages single space will be fine

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Positioning Statement paper

I have a final paper for my marketing class. We have to write two positioning statements for two different products. One is the Ferrari f8 Tributo, the other product is Dior’s Pure poison perfume. I have also uploaded an example file of the format that is needed to be used.

Final Exam- You may use any resource except another human being. Papers should not exceed 4 pages in length excluding any exhibits required. Note, I have not said how short a paper could be, but you must answer the questions. Single Spaced, 12-point type.

If any links don’t work, please navigate to the product sites on your own.

Please answer both questions.

Q1. The Ferrari F8 Tributo


Please navigate to the Ferrari website. Again google is a good source of product information. Please write a positioning statement for this supercar and discuss the TA, FOR and UPD issues associated with this car. In addition answer the following question. Why does Ferrari produce a car like this?

Q2 – Pure Poison


Please use the above link to review the details associated with the above women’s fragrance. Write a positioning statement and review the CB theories associated with TA, FOR, and UPD for this popularly priced product.

Please consider the value of this item to the Dior line. What is it?

Is operant conditioning a key component to the sale of this item? Why or why not?


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