aoj 2 short assignments

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1.4 Mala in Se and Mala Prohibita (POST)

After watching the “Legally Blond” video (see video link in Module 1), tell us in your own words what the difference is between Mala in Se and Mala Prohibita.

You will want to read about this in the textbook as well before you answer this question.

After defining the terms, give us an example of at least 2 crimes under each category.

Are there crimes that could be classified as Mala in Se that are less dangerous than a Mala Prohibita crime? If so, provide and example.

1.6 Constitutional Right to Privacy (POST)

4545 unread replies.4545 replies.

Watch the video titled “Right to Privacy” with Antonin Scalia in this week’s module.

Then make sure you have read pages 34 – 37 in our textbook.

There is great debate over whether the Constitution includes a general right to privacy, as first recognized by the Federal Supreme Court in Griswold v. Connecticut. Do you agree with Justice Douglas? Or do you agree with Justice Goldberg? Support your opinion.

Then respond to the arguments made by Justice Scalia in the video. Is his opinion closer to that of Justice Douglas or Justice Goldberg? Who’s correct?

How does Roe v. Wade fit into this subject? book link video

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