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You will upload the draft here – regardless of whether you do the toy manual or alternate assignment. The draft is worth 5 points.

Purpose (Toy Development Draft)

1) Create an age-appropriate, safe and educational toy. You can either put it together using household materials or design one using paper and pen.
2) Gain a better understanding of child development through presenting your toys and explaining how they support development

1. What is the age of the child you are creating a toy for? __________________
2. Choose two theorists and discuss the developmental needs and skills of this age (e.g., What is Erikson’s developmental stage and learning needs of this age child? What about Piaget?)
3. What type of toy did you create?
4. How could a child play with this toy?
5. What can a child learn from playing with this toy? You must discuss growth and development in at least two domains.
6. What are 4-5 key terms from lecture or text that you might want to introduce to parents that you could discuss when you talk about the toy.

7. Are there any safety concerns or issues with a child this age playing with this toy?
8. Could a child at a different developmental stage use this toy? Why or why not?
9. Are there any safety concerns with a younger child using this toy? What could they be?

Your toy manual draft must be a minimum of 2 pages with the answers to the above listed in bullet points.

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