watch video and read article then answer the questions climate change

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Questions (13 marks)

1. Pikas are most closely related to which type of animal? (1 mark)

2. Where do pikas live (Identify and describe their preferred ecosystem)? (1 mark)

3. Which two species of Pika are found in Canada? Describe the ranges of each species. (2 marks)

4. Do they migrate? Do they hibernate? How do they deal with the cold and limiting conditions of the alpine tundra environment? What adaptations do they have to cope with the environment in which they live? (2 marks) 5. What temperature is too hot for pikas? What temperature is too cold? (1 mark)

6. If global temperatures continue to rise, how will the pikas be affected in the summer? (1 mark)

7. If global temperatures continue to rise, how will the pikas be affected in the winter (Hint: think snowpack)? (1 mark)

. What is an indicator species? Do you think pikas are indicator species for climate change? Why or why not? (2 marks)

9. Why would it be appropriate to describe the pika as “being trapped on an island” by climate change? (2 marks)

Questions (10 marks)

1. What is a ‘snowline’? What happened to the snowline in California and Alaska in the short film ‘The Lost winter’? (2 marks)

2. According to Scott et al (2003) which city is Canada’s ‘greatest single market of active skiers”? According to Scott et al (2003) what was the projected impact on the length of the average ski season at Horseshoe Resort? (2 marks)

3. According to Canada’s Changing climate report, Chapter 5 – Changes in Snow, Ice and Permafrost Across Canada, what has happened to snow cover across Canada over the last several decades? (1 mark)

4. Snow water equivalent (SWE) is the measurement of how much water is present within a snowpack or the depth of water (mm) that would be produced if the snow melted. What does Canada’s Changing climate report which areas of Canada are likely to experience the greatest change in SWE? (1 mark)

5. Which Canadian city would likely still be a reliable host for a winter Olympics in the 2080s? (1 mark)

6. According to Scott et al (2020), under the worst case scenario, how many of Ontario’s five dozen ski resorts could be economically viable by 2080? (1 mark)

7. Based on your own research, experiences or ideas identify two (2) ways that ski resorts could adapt to a reduction in snow and/or a shortened winter season? (2 marks)

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