Excel Workbook and Worksheets

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Both parts of this assignment must be done in the same Excel workbook or file with file name “Week 6 Excel Assignment”

Worksheet 1: Part A -Using one named sheet or worksheet in this Microsoft Excel file, create a sample database table to handle student information system with at least 5 different columns and at least 5 rows of date. Name the columns, and list or number the rows.

Hint: Your database needs a title, column titles and row numbers. Student information could be anything from program enrolled, grades, demographics, etc.)

Worksheet 2: Part B – Using another worksheet in this same excel file in PART A, create a table of your last 6 months’ expenses (fictional) and create a cell that adds them all to show the sum.

Hint: Your table must show 6 distinct months by name (January, February etc, at least 4 columns of expenses such as housing, gas, groceries, clothing, education cost, and the SUM function in your Total Column.


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