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Sources must be sited properly.

Written Assignment 1: There are two parts in the first written assignment. Be sure to answer both A and B:

  • Part A. Ernst Mayr has written that Darwin’s theory contains five theories that relate to different aspects of variational evolution. These are: 1) organisms evolve over time, 2) different organisms have descended from a common ancestor, 3) species multiply over time or speciation, 4) evolution is slow and gradual, 5) the primary mechanism of evolutionary change is natural selection. In 1 – 2 pages answer: What kinds of evidence does Darwin cite to support these different aspects of his overall theory? Be sure you explain why something is evidence for different aspects of the overall theory.  For example, can the fossil record be used as evidence for the mechanism of natural selection? Some kinds of evidence support more than one aspect. What role did Malthus play in Darwin’s thinking?  Remember, this question is about Darwin’s evidence, so do not bring in present day knowledge about genetics or other kinds of information.*
  • Part B. The giraffe’s long neck is often used to explain the Lamarckian view of evolution. Using the giraffe as an example, compare and contrast how the giraffe got its long neck according to Lamarck and Darwin. What evidence might be used for and against each perspective? Now choose another animal with a distinctive characteristic, and explain the mechanism of evolution of this characteristic first as Lamarck would have explained it, and then as Darwin would have explained it.


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