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The purpose of this project is to understand how and why companies have the ethics codes that they do and to consider if theirs mirrors your own. If not, would you still want to work for them? Why or why not?

  • 1) Identify a company that you would like to in the future.
  • 2) Research their code of ethics, which should be found on their website.
  • 3) Identify your own code of ethics as related to business (minimum of 4 items).
  • 4) Develop a presentation (PowerPoint) that includes:
    • a) The name of the company that you are planning to work for in this scenario,
    • b) Background information on the company,
    • c) The code of ethics established for the company,
    • d) Your individual code of ethics, and then
    • e) The common values between your code and the company’s code.
    • f) Ultimately, would you want to work for this company? Why or why not?
  • 5) Be certain to list the values that you think will be especially important in your current or future career.
  • 6) Provide citations in APA format for all information provided that is not considered common knowledge.

Your presentation should be professional and include graphics appropriate for a business presentation.

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