English 1301 Course Review Outline

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Compose your first essay:

In one paragraph, please detail how you feel this class will be for you.Then, in three separate, numbered, paragraphs, discuss the three (3) important points [of information] from your review of these course tabs. (Essentially, what are three things you learned from reviewing the items in this section? Paragraphs must include at least three the following kinds sentences, which include

  1. The first sentence= a topic sentence (the point), with transitional words or phrases for the second and concluding paragraphs (i.e. “secondly,” “finally…”).
  2. Multiple sentences = supporting detail(s) (explanation of the point i.e. “this means that…”), and
  3. The last sentence = a concluding sentence (i.e. “therefore, students should…”).

You may not copy and paste information from the sections; however, you may re-word or paraphrase.

Your last (fifth) paragraph should be a summary of the points you made in this paper, as well as a restatement of how you feel your experience in this class will be.

  • Grade= 50 points.
  • You may only use simple, complex, or compound sentences (refer to the online writing lab for the terms if they are unfamiliar). Points will be deducted for any grammar or syntax error.
  • An automatic grade of zero (0) will be given for late posts, attachments, and posts that do not meet the above criteria.


  1. Please include a unique title
  2. I recommend using paperrater.com or grammarly.com to help edit the paper before you submit.
  3. Type your response in Microsoft word, copy the text (CTRL +C), and paste it (CTRL +V) into the text box.
  4. A header is not needed on the discussion board.
  5. Place your word count in parenthesis at the end of your response (Exclude Works Cited section from your word count)

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