EAS1601 Overview of Plate Tectonics and Plate Boundaries Assignment

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This Write up Needs To be 2 pages (double spaced) on how you were able to reach at least 100 people on instagram (social media) on informing them about the general idea of Plate Tectonics. Answer Both Q1 & Q2 in this write up!! I posted Q1 & Q2 below. Also include the pictures i attached in the paper as well, as concrete evidence!! The images should help guide your writing answers!

Below In bold i gave you answers to some of the multiple questions.

If I did not answer the question with bold writing, you can create your own well organized answer.

All I did was post my paper on social media and i made a poll and asked my followers did this informative paper help them understand a better understanding of plate tectonics , continental drift etc…

Q1.) (at least 1 page) Measure your success rate! Did you reach your goal? Yes How many people saw your work ? 982 People How did people react to your project?

Q2.) What would you change if you did this again? Do you have any ideas for ways to make this type of exercise, both for class and for scientists in general, better


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