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Read the file self understanding PDF and do and answer the questions only Part A and Self-understanding Table

you must use the information that in file word ( My most significant personal accomplishment)

I did the list for My most significant personal accomplishment from 1 to 5

Part A :

  1. List and describe at least five of your most significant personal accomplishments (accomplishments may be related to work or hobbies or special interests; they may be recent or from your past)…they should be:
    1. accomplishments you are proud of….
    2. enjoyed doing….
    3. and think you did very well
  2. Rank your accomplishments from most significant to less significant (1=most significant)
  3. For each accomplishment make a list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you used to achieve that accomplishment
    1. For examples see link to list of knowledge, skills, and abilities
  4. Review your list/table of accomplishments and the knowledge, skills, and abilities which allowed you to achieve them, identify themes that you see in your experiences
    1. Do you see the same knowledge, skill, or ability being central to your success on different occasions?
    2. Do you see similarities or patterns in what has contributed to your success?
    3. Do you see anything unique or special that has contributed to your success?
    4. Summarize your findings as a list of 3-4 themes or findings (explain)
    5. Explain what you have learned from this exercise.

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