disscussion post – 300 word count

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DB1: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

Brittany had her iPhone in her backpack. Her parents had told her not to take it to school, but she really needed it. (Don’t we all?)

On April 17, 2016, Brittany’s backpack was at her desk in science class. She and the other students in the class were working on a lab at tables in the back of the room. After class, she could not find her iPhone. She reported the theft to the school resource officer.

The school resource officer questioned the other students in the class. Twelve students mentioned they had seen Dave G. near Brittany’s desk during the class. One of them asked him what he was doing over there, and he said he was getting a tissue. But Brittany’s desk was nowhere near Dave’s desk or the class tissue box.

The officer questioned Dave, and he denied taking the iPhone. Dave refused to let the officer search his backpack and locker. However, the officer was able to lift a fingerprint from Brittany’s purse. The fingerprint matched Dave’s fingerprints.

Dave could not explain why his fingerprint was on Brittany’s purse. They were not even friends and did not sit near each other in any classes or at lunch.

  1. If Dave were tried using the information above, would you be convinced of his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? Why or why not?(Make sure that your post includes your reasoning for your decision. Explain which facts helped you to your conclusion and how they either convinced you of Dave’s guilt or how they left you with doubt.)

  • Respond to one of your classmates’ posts. Do you agree with their opinion? Why or why not?

DB1 will be graded as follows:

  1. Complete post which provides an answer to the question(s) or prompt(s) using standard English vocabulary and grammar: 80% (300 word minimum).
  2. Complete response using proper format, standard English vocabulary and grammar: 20% (150 word minimum).

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