Discussion WSDUPK Intelligence interchangeability

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Hi class,

Have you ever wondered about the words we often use regarding intelligence, and their interchangeability as choices for describing intelligence? Some examples include, but are not limited to wisdom, insight, sense, discernment, understanding, prudence, and knowledge.

I often read through proverbs where words like these, among others, are referred to regarding intelligence, or a lack of! Being curious about the seemingly interchangeable meaning implied with these words, I recently decided to look a little deeper. The following definitions demonstrate how these words, while similar in their understood or implied meaning, can also communicate very different meanings regarding intelligence.

Wisdom: understanding that can be observed, you not only understand something but you do it!

Insight: able to identify the truth

Sense: mental ability

Discernment: good judgment

Understanding: comprehension, you get it!

Prudence: regard for self

Knowledge: well informed

For this assigned discussion:

1) Reflect, and consider how your life at this moment does, or does not reflect Wisdom, insight, sense, discernment, understanding, prudence, and knowledge.

I am always trying to grow, and learn. In an effort to hold onto these words and their definitions as shown above,

I came up with an acronym W.I.S.D. U.P. K! Interesting to note, “wisd” is often used to describe the wisdom of King Solomon.

I look forward to your discussion.


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