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I haven’t watched many of the movies on the list, I did however watch Boiler Room with my husband this week. I did a quick google search and found that “a boiler room is a colloquialism given to investment endeavors that are deemed to operate in unlawful, unethical, and illegal manners (Boiler room defined, n.d.)”. The movie portrayed stock brokers as unethical and showed the dark side of finance. I can believe some of this does happen in real life, I would hope there are checks and balances that deter this behavior. I often watch the show American Greed and it is difficult to imagine why the individuals would make such unethical financial decisions in order to make quick buck.


I will say this is one of the most fun assignments I have ever had to do. Pick a movie and learn about finance needless to say I picked Trading Spaces. First of all, I forgot how funny of a move it was. That being said while I have never done committees trading and only modestly stock trading. I found it somewhat informative.
Without going into too much detail on all the great aspects and what makes it such a funny movie. Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy use insider information to manipulate the commodities market. They steal a report that says OJ futures will fall and replace it with a report that says it will rise. This, in turn, allows them to manipulate the market in their favor. At the height of the frenzy when it looks like the price is only going to keep skyrocketing. They buy options to sell at a future date at the current high price. Pretty much betting that the price would soon fall when no one thought it would.
Once the real report comes out everyone realizes that OJ prices are not going to go up. As a result, the OJ futures market begins to plummet and Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy are able to buy all the OJ futures at a much lower price then what they just sold it at.


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